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We want to hear your Intel story. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, what are the unique ways Intel has had an impact on your life—or the ways you think we’ll change the world in the future?
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Alfonso F. Current Intel employee

In December 2017, I was selected to join the Intel Employee Service Corps (IESC) as one of six Intel employees to participate in a two-phase disaster relief project in Jojutla, Mexico. The IESC: Jojutla project was one of the most memorable things I have experienced during my tenure at Intel! I applied for this awesome opportunity for two reasons: (1) to use my skills to positively impact the lives of others and (2) to use my skills to positively impact the people specifically from my hometown of Jojutla, Mexico.

On September 19, 2017, a devastating 7.1 earthquake rippled through my hometown, Jojutla, and much of central Mexico. The impacts of the earthquake were severe– lives were lost, many were injured, businesses were destroyed, and homes were ruined. When I saw the IESC: Jojutla application on Circuit, I knew I had to apply. I was overjoyed when I survived the interview process and was selected as a corps member. During phase one of our project, our team was tasked with accessing the technical and community needs of the Jojutla community following the devastating earthquake. Our team interviewed business owners, met local students, spoke to state representatives, and patronized local businesses to best understand where we could make the greatest impact.

My primary role on the team was a technical accessor and translator, which allowed me to use the technical skills I have honed at Intel and my language skills that I acquired growing up in Jojutla. Yes, it was hard to return home to see much of my childhood destroyed from my childhood home to the building of my father’s medical practice. It was also challenging to be vulnerable with other Intel employees that I had just met days before; however, my vulnerability proved to be very rewarding. I am connected to the city by birth, now the five other Intel employees, who I proudly call my friends, are connected to the beautiful and sunny town of Jojutla because of the IESC opportunity.

It felt good to share my childhood with my new friends; it felt good to randomly run into my older sister on the streets of Jojutla and introduce her to the team, and it felt good to share a meal with both new and old friends. I enjoyed every moment of the trip and know this would not have been possible without Intel. I truly appreciate that Intel uses its notoriety, resources, and skills to impact other communities, such as Jojutla. I truly relish the opportunity Intel has provided for me to return home and help my people. I look forward to returning to Jojutla with the team later this year for phase two the implementation portion of our project.

I believe Intel’s most exciting innovations in the next 50 years will be its role in advancing virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), self-driving cars, and autonomous drones. These four technologies may seem very different, but they share a commonality– each needs vasts amounts of data to enable them and can be achieved by the powerful components being produced within the walls of Intel. Out of all the future technological advances, I foresee the use of AI and VR in the healthcare space as the most exciting. I believe these two technologies will greatly benefit how humans live, work, and play. Specifically, I believe these technologies will help improve medical diagnosis by recognizing patterns and treating patients prior to disease development. These technologies also bring the ability to train medical professionals virtually enabling students and surgeons to obtain the expertise required to practice medicine, while reducing fatalities and malpractice.

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